The Workers Retirement Plan Investment is a retirement saving plan with our partner direct sales company – Royale Business Club International – for the working class for financial security after retirement. It is managed by our team.

The WRPI is a two-edge sword investment portfolio for workers who want alternative source of income in addition to their present job and a savings retirement plan investment when they retire from work.

The Workers Retirement Plan Investment is a referral program expected to yield at least 450% return on investment after 6 months of registration. For instance, if you invest ₦40,000.00, you are expected to make at least ₦365,400.00 after 6 months. The monthly bonus and incentives will henceforth be used for preventive healthcare and emergency medical bills while working and long into retirement years. Meanwhile, your main earning can be kept as a retirement financial bail out or back up.

The Need For Workers Retirement Plan Investment

Like never before, the Nigerian public is being reminded each day of the retirement challenges that lay ahead. For both the employers that sponsor retirement plans and the workers who participate in them, the future of employment-based retirement plans seems to be in question:

  • Business failures and unemployment are both on the rise.
  • The recession has brought a flood of employer announcements that retirement plans are being reduced or eliminated, and that defined benefit pension plans are being “frozen in place” (so that benefits will not grow) or replaced by less generous retirement plans.
  • Financial publications report the ongoing decline in value of the largest asset for most Nigerians — their homes — and an ongoing rise in foreclosures. That’s a direct threat to many Nigerians’ ability to afford a comfortable retirement as it dims their prospects of selling their houses for big capital gains or taking out reverse annuity mortgages.
  • An ever-growing number of surveys report that those lucky enough to still have a job now expect to work many years longer because they cannot afford to retire.
  • Social Security is described as “fixable” but unsustainable without either more income or a reduction in benefits. Yet, it is the only source of income for one-quarter of current retirees, and the primary source for nearly three-quarters. That dependence will only grow for baby boomers.
  • Retirement plans currently account for the bulk of employers’ spending on benefits, but health care will soon be the number one benefits expense. The health care system is described as being in “crisis,” with the rate of health cost growth threatening the benefits promised by employers.

Retirement plans, retirement programs and the very concept of retirement are all changing at a rapid pace. The current economic “war” will drive more change at several levels. Many retirees are already being forced to change their decisions on spending, investments and lifestyle, among other things.

Who Is Workers Retirement Plan Investment For?

This program is for individuals who are willing to invest at least of ₦40,000.00 as a retirement plan financial investment. For the program to continue to pay for your preventive healthcare cost, you must refer 2 persons (offline or online) who can invest same amount for preventive healthcare and retirement plan financial investment. In 6 months’ time, you should earn enough to cover your health and medical expenses, including that of your family. That is, you will not have to spend from your salary on healthcare.

Below is a breakdown of what you can earn after six months of registration.

Month No of Referrals Earnings (₦)
1st 2 5,800
2nd Nil 11,600
3rd Nil 23,200
4th Nil 46,400
5th Nil 92,800
6th Nil 185,600

In the illustration above, we assume you only invite 2 persons in the first month of the 6 months under review. However, for every other person you refer after the first 2, you get additional bonus of at least ₦2300 depending on the package of the referral.

NOTE: You cannot refer more than two persons directly under yourself. Every other referral must be placed under your downline to earn more from the system.

Request A Proposal For WRPI

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