The Workers Health Management Investment is a disease prevention investment design for SME businesses managed by a sole-proprietor with at least one employee to improve workplace wellness for workers.

The WHMI is systematically design as a health diagnosis and diseases prevention program for business owners and their workers while providing an insurance platform for emergency medical costs.

The WHMI is a referral based health insurance program design to secure small and medium business healthcare financial needs. It is expected to yield at least 913% return on investment after 6 months or registration. For instance, if you invest ₦40,000 you are expected to earn at least ₦365,400 after 6 months which is expected to run into millions in your first year.

The Need For Workers Health Management Investment

In most instances, working conditions in small-scale enterprises do not compare favorably with the larger and more affluent industries: low wages, poor working practices, lack of resources and a relatively hazardous work environment are the major factors affecting conditions in the industrial sector.

The hours of work are long. A 12-hour work shift and a 7-day week are common. Young children may be employed, even in heavy work. Machinery used may be obsolete in design and not properly maintained, increasing the possibility of accidents and exposure to hazards. Work sites may be situated in family dwellings, posting hazards not only to the workers but to the other family members as well, or in slum areas where overcrowding, heat, dust and poor ventilation are constant problems.

The standards of sanitations, hygiene, fire safety, protective equipment and first aid are generally low. Workers who suffer accidents may not be covered by compensation and workers may not even be paid on time. These conditions contribute to the generally poor working environment of the industries.

The typical worker in a small-scale enterprise in developing countries has a low level of education and comes from the lowest economic level of the society. His/her nutritional level and general state of health are usually below ideal. This, combined with a work environment that is often hot, humid, overcrowded and where hazardous substances are often handled and processed without even elementary safety precautions, creates a situation with an overwhelming need for occupational health services.

The Workers Health Management Investment covers preventive and primary healthcare costs and offers many other important benefits. It is design to help business owners prevent chronic diseases associated with workplace hazards for themselves, workers and family members if business is situated at home. You will also be able to save cost on medical expenses for workers.

Who Is Workers Health Management Investment For?

This program is for business owners who are willing to invest at least  ₦40, 000 for their workforce healthcare. For the program to continue to pay for your workforce preventive healthcare, you must invite 2 persons into any of our investment program (online or offline).

Below is a breakdown of what you can earn after six months of registration.

Month No of Referrals Earnings (₦)
1st 2 5,800
2nd Nil 11,600
3rd Nil 23,200
4th Nil 46,400
5th Nil 92,800
6th Nil 185,600

In the illustration above, we assume you only invite 2 persons in the first month of the 6 months under review. However, for every other person you refer after the first 2, you get additional bonus of at least ₦2300 depending on the package of the referral.

NOTE: You cannot refer more than two persons directly under yourself. Every other referral must be placed under your downline to earn more from the system.

Request A Proposal For WHMI

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