The Workers 2nd Income Opportunity Investment is an investment for anyone who is not satisfied with their current earnings. It is an investment with our partner direct sales company – Royale Business Club International – managed by our team.

The Workers 2nd Income Opportunity Investment is a two-edge sword investment for workers who want alternative source of income but do not have the time or skill to promote the business online or offline.

The Workers 2nd Income Opportunity Investment is a referral based  investment opportunity design to provide a regular alternative source of income. You will receive wellness products worth ₦47,000. It is expected to yield at least 913% return on investment after 6 months of registration. For instance, if you invest ₦40,000 you are expected to earn at least ₦365,400 after 6 months which is expected to run into millions in your first year.

The Need For Workers 2nd Income Opportunity Investment

Many individuals dream of a second income, yet few manage to put forth the effort and determination in order to produce one. The reality is that creating a second income stream is tough.  It requires you to, essentially, work outside of work.  We all live busy lives, full of work, taking care of the house, spending time with family, and trying to fit in a few moments of recreation.

Additionally, a second income stream is basically starting a business, which is difficult.  Most new businesses fail to get up and running and the ones that do, can be very slow to develop.  Thus far, we’ve established that creating a second income stream is very tough; it requires excellent time management, patience and a dogged determination in order to be successful.  If you’re looking for motivation to help you, let’s look at the benefits of developing a second income.

First and foremost, a second income stream simply brings you more money.  With countless  Nigerians barely getting by, a second income stream would provide immense relief.  More income might enable you to pay off debt, boost your savings, save for a down payment, or build a portfolio of stocks.  Hopefully, you wouldn’t use it to accumulate more junk.

Next, a second income stream provides something that nobody ever talks about: income diversification.  Diversification is one of the most widely used terms when it comes to investing; however, nobody ever ties it to your most important financial area: your income.

The reality is that it’s easier than you think to build a second income stream.  I’ve found that most people are either lazy or distracted with other things in life to put forth the effort to make it happen for them.  Everybody thinks a second income would be great, yet nobody does it.

Who Is Workers 2nd Income Opportunity Investment For?

This program is for workers or individuals who is willing to invest at least  ₦40,000 for alternative source of income. For the program to continue to yield high return on investment, you must invite 2 persons into any of our investment program (online or offline).

Below is a breakdown of what you can earn after six months of registration.

Month No of Referrals Earnings (₦)
1st 2 5,800
2nd Nil 11,600
3rd Nil 23,200
4th Nil 46,400
5th Nil 92,800
6th Nil 185,600

In the illustration above, we assume you only invite 2 persons in the first month of the 6 months under review. However, for every other person you refer after the first 2, you get additional bonus of at least ₦2300 depending on the package of the referral.

NOTE: You cannot refer more than two persons directly under yourself. Every other referral must be placed under your downline to earn more from the system.

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