The Weight Watchers Program is our community for helping you Lose weight while living healthier. There’s more to weight loss than counting calories – if you make healthier choices and behavior changes, you’ll feel better while losing weight.

If your digestive pathway is blocked due to stress, you are going to gain weight. We release the stress held in these pathways and turn them back on again.

YOUR BODY knows what foods it requires to attain optimal weight, health and vitality. Not only will your body tell us WHY you are holding on to the weight, but it will also tell us what you require to release the stress and let the weight fall off. The most important factor to weight loss, is your gut health. If your gut is healthy, you shine with health and vitality. If your gut is not healthy, neither are you.

This Weight Watchers Program partly uses Kinesiology as a bio-feedback tool to see what emotions and belief systems are blocking you from releasing the weight that you may have been carrying for many, many years. We check to see what healthy food options YOUR body requires to release the weight and come back into health and vitality.

Our program encourages you to eat more fruits, veggies, lean protein, and less sugar and unhealthy fats.

How To Join Weight Watchers Program

The Weight Watchers Program is a close-knit Facebook group that bring you the information, products and community support you need tolose weight the healthy way. Follow these steps to join.

STEP 1  – Register on Health 2 Wealth website. Make sure you copy the username you registered on the website. To register visit:

step 2 – Using you username in step 1 above, request to join our Facebook group of Weight Watchers Program. To request visit Weight Watchers Program

How To Join Health 2 Wealth

Health 2 Wealth is our community for helping people turn their passion for health into wealth so that they can live in health, wealth and total well-being. There are four steps to join us at Health 2 Wealth and start the journey to your dream lifestyle.

The first step is to attend our Health 2 Wealth presentation. Click the button below to request information on our next presentation online or offline.

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