HEALTH2WEALTH Stress Management Program assists adults in effectively managing stress in healthy ways, including: exercising, seeking social support, using pleasant activities and relaxation techniques.

Did you know that stress is the NUMBER 1 reason for disease and dis-harmony in your life?

That’s right! STRESS!

Now, your body’s SOUL job is to keep you alive and it does a great job at doing that by oscillating different hormones, when needed. When we are stressed, our fight or flight response is initiated.  Hormones are stimulated to shut down some pathways in our body, while stimulating others.

Pathways to your Emotional brain get shut down, because you don’t want to get emotional about frightening situations. Pathways to your thinking Cortex get shutdown, because you don’t want to have to think about which way to run away from danger or he will eat you up – you need to act on instinct (or some people just freeze – this too is a blockage in the stress response). Your Adrenaline pathway gets stimulated. Your respiratory system and circulatory system pathways get stimulated, so you can get enough oxygen into the blood to get to the muscles to stand and fight or run!

The pathways that get shut down are your Digestive System, Reproductive System and Immune System, because your body doesn’t need those systems wasting energy while you are needing all your energy to get the hell out of Dodge and run away from danger.

After we have dealt with our stress, our body goes back into balance again.  But when we suppress our stresses, our “issues”, our body has to adjust and kicks up a long term stress hormone called Cortisol, because your body’s own innate intelligence knows that it can’t keep draining Adrenaline for too long, or you will get Adrenal Fatigue. When Cortisol is stimulated, our body is in confusion.

Under this confused state, your body is still having to deal with the stress that you are not addressing, but knows it needs to keep you alive.  So, some pathways reopen too much, others don’t open at all, creating digestive system issues, emotional and mental health issue, reproductive system issues, immune system issues, heart problems and the list goes on.

How do you correct this?  Deal with the stress – the CORE of what caused the problem, settle the Nervous System down, so it functions correctly again. Address the inflammation and toxicity that has occurred due to the stress hormones released and allow the pathway come back into balance again. Once the pathways have adjusted and come back into balance again, health and wellbeing will be restored.

With your dedication, motivation andour support and empowering education, we work as a team to teach you how to bring peace into your life.

How To Join Stress Management Program

The Stress Management Program is a close-knit Facebook group that bring you the information, products and community support you need to  turn around your stress issue. Follow these steps to join.

STEP 1  – Register on Health 2 Wealth website. Make sure you copy the username you registered on the website. To register visit:

step 2 – Using you username in step 1 above, request to join our Facebook group of Stress Management Program. To request visit Stress Management Program

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