The Sporting Preventive Healthcare Investment is a disease prevention health investment aims at helping amateur and professional sports people and those on exercise regime avoid chronic diseases associated with their sport or rigorous exercise. It’s a two-edge sword investment on health and wealth that can yield millions in return.

The SPHI is systematically design as a health diagnosis and diseases prevention program while providing an insurance platform for free wellness products and emergency medical bills.

The SPHI is a referral based health insurance program design to secure subscribers healthcare financial needs. It is expected to yield at least 913% return on investment after 6 months or registration. For instance, if you invest ₦40,000 you are expected to earn at least ₦365,400 after 6 months which is expected to run into millions in your first year.

The Need For Sporting Preventive Healthcare Investment

Heat illnesses are a recent concern in youth athletics. They include heat syncope, muscle cramps, heat exhaustion, heat stroke and exceptional hyponatremia. Heat illness and dehydration are typically brought on by conditions of high temperatures and high humidity. These conditions carry increased risk for young athletes, particularly if at the beginning of a season when they are less fit. Other factors which increase vulnerability include: heat-retaining clothing, recent illness, previous experience with heat illness, chronic conditions, or sleep deprivation. Additional precaution is to be taken if the child is taking supplements or using cold medication. Heat illnesses are among the primary causes of sports-related death or disability, and as such they require immediate medical attention.

Health issues of athletics concern the health and well-being of athletes who participate in an organized sport. If athletes are physically and mentally underdeveloped, they are susceptible to mental or physical problems. Athletes trying to improve their performance in sports can harm themselves by overtraining, adopting eating habits that damage them physically or psychologically.

While it is advisable to have a health insurance cover that take care of your emergency expenses, PREVENTIVE HEALTHCARE INSURANCE is surely the way to go. The Sporting Preventive Healthcare Investment covers preventive and primary healthcare costs and offers many other important benefits. It is design to help members safe expenses on health care cost.

Who Is Sporting Preventive Healthcare Investment For?

This program is for sports men and women and those on exercise and fitness regimen who is willing to invest at least  ₦40, 000 for their healthcare. For the program to continue to pay for your preventive healthcare, you must invite 2 persons into any of our investment program (online or offline).

Below is a breakdown of what you can earn after six months of registration.

Month No of Referrals Earnings (₦)
1st 2 5,800
2nd Nil 11,600
3rd Nil 23,200
4th Nil 46,400
5th Nil 92,800
6th Nil 185,600

In the illustration above, we assume you only invite 2 persons in the first month of the 6 months under review. However, for every other person you refer after the first 2, you get additional bonus of at least ₦2300 depending on the package of the referral.

NOTE: You cannot refer more than two persons directly under yourself. Every other referral must be placed under your downline to earn more from the system.

Request A Proposal For SPHI

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