We are looking for a pleasant and competitive Health Promoters that thrives in attracting new customers. The successful candidate will play a fundamental role in achieving our ambitious customer acquisition and revenue growth objectives. You must be comfortable making dozens of product/service presentations, generating interest and qualifying sales prospects.


Submit 15 health awareness proposals  to  organizations with  minimum of 15 members in a month and within your state of residence. Return the acknowledgement form.

Our team will do follow up on the appointment without the promoter.


1.CV & 2 Passport Photographs

2.Guarantor Form from a civil servant, religious leader or a community leader.

3. N500 for ID card plus proposal letters


Basic monthly salary is N80,000.00 with the following conditions:

  • Submit 3 proposals earn 10% of salary
  • Submit 4-5 proposals earn 25% of salary
  • Submit 6-9 proposals earn 50% of salary
  • Submit 10+ proposals earn 100% of salary


If you fail to meet the minimum target, your appointment will be terminated and your N500 will be refunded with compensation at our discretion.

To apply, visit our career page.