Sugar Blended Royale Coffee 8 in 1


The Sugar Blended Royale Coffee contains 8 in 1 Coffee mix with 3 basic ingredients & 5 health supplements that are proven effective when it comes to providing health benefits: Spirulina, Ginseng, Ganoderma, Grapeseed and Agaricus Blazei Murill. Available in regular coffee and sugar free.

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The Sugar Blended Royale Coffee 8 in 1 contains sugar, creamer, coffee and 5 herbal supplements that are proven effective when it comes to providing health benefits.

Enjoy the fantastic taste and health benefits of Royale Blend 8 in 1 Coffee mix with 3 basic ingredients & 5 health supplements.

Key Ingredients & Benefits of Sugar Blended Royale Coffee 8 in 1

#1 – Ginseng

ginseng-for-Royale-Blend-CoffeeGinseng is a popular plant that is used to treat certain medical conditions

Benefits of Ginseng
  • Helps individuals cope with emotional and physical stress
  • Boosts Immune System
  • Lowers sugar blood level and cholesterol
  • Helps maintain normal blood pressure
  • Treatment of other health problems (erectile dysfunction, infertility, migraine, infections, etc.)

#2 – Ganoderma

ganoderma-for-Royale-Blend-Coffee Ganoderma has been known for centuries for alkalizing and oxygenating the body to establish the foundation for a lifetime of good health

Benefits of Ganoderma
  • Detoxification of toxins in the body
  • Helps in relieving fatigue and stress
  • Provides strength and endurance
  • Increase level of antioxidants
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Caffeine effect reduction
  • Overall improvement of blood circulation

#3 – Spirulina

spirulina-for-Royale-Blend-Coffee Royale Coffee Blend 8 in 1 also has the ultimate supplement with great nutritional value, Spirulina. It is a high source of antioxidants and nutrients like protein, calcium and other important vitamins.

Benefits of Spirulina
  • Lowers sugar level and blood cholesterol
  • High source of protein
  • Contains beta carotene, GLA, Vitamin B-12 and other nutrients
  • Helps in insulin and blood sugar regulation

#4 – Grapeseed

grapeseed-for-Royale-Blend-Coffee Grapeseed extract is rich in antioxidants and known to be good in regulating cholesterol and lowering the risk of having heart problems

Benefits of Grapeseed
  • Reduces free radical damage
  • Good source of antioxidants
  • Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-allergenic contents
  • Overall improvement of the skin, eye and brain health.
  • Lowers cholesterol level

#5 – Agaricus Blazei Murill

agaricus-mushroom-for-Royale-Blend-Coffee Agricus Blazei Murill is a traditional medicine used to treat various kinds of diseases. It is also known for its ability to stimulate the body’s immune system.

Benefits of Agricus Blazei Murill
  • Strengthens defense against viruses
  • Boosts immune system
  • Blood pressure and cholesterol reduction
  • Blood sugar reduction
  • Improves digestion

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