Neolife Omega-3 Salmon Oil Plus


Neolife Omega-3 Salmon Oil Plus is clinically proven to support heart and cardiovascular health, promote youthful brain function, healthy flexible joints and healthy eyes. Ideal for pregnant women to support foetal eye and brain development.

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Neolife Omega-3 Salmon Oil Plus is clinically proven to support heart and cardiovascular health, promote youthful brain function, healthy flexible joints and healthy eyes. Ideal for pregnant women to support foetal eye and brain development.

It has long been known and proven that omega-3 fatty acids play critical roles in the human diet. In particular, two omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil, EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) have been well researched.

Today the latest scientific research not only continues to validate the important roles of EPA and DHA in human health, but it has also shown that there is a whole family of omega-3 fatty acids, a total of eight in all, which contribute to optimal human nutrition. This critically important chain of dietary omega-3 fatty acids starts with ALA (alpha linolenic acid) and ends with DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), taking six important steps along the way. Each is now known to have its own unique biochemistry and supporting “synergistic” role in human omega-3 nutrition.

The United States Department of Agriculture suggests that all adults eat 2-3 servings of fish each week for optimal health. Unfortunately, the problem for many adults is that they eat very little fish on a consistent basis and rarely meet this important nutritional need. Large portions of the population go without getting any broad spectrum omega-3 supplementation for weeks, sometimes months. Not to mention the fact that much of the fish supply is suspect due to environmental contamination. Pregnant women, who have the highest dietary needs for omega-3 fatty acids, ironically are instructed to limit their fish intake to one serving per week, due to contamination risk.

GNLD solves the problem of inadequate omega-3 fatty acid intake with Salmon Oil Plus. Pure and potent, Salmon Oil Plus provides a complete omega-3 profile of salmon oil with all eight members of the omega-3 fatty acid family, assuring complete omega-3 supplementation in every dose.

  • It’s the first supplement of its kind to assure a standardized amount of all eight members of the omega-3 family involved in human nutrition.
  • Salmon Oil Plus is based on pure, natural salmon oil, providing all the benefits of one of nature’s richest sources of omega-3 fatty acids.
  • It includes UHPO3 –Ultra High Potency Omega-3 fatty acids— an exclusive GNLD technology that boosts, stabilizes, and standardizes specific, health-promoting omega-3 fatty acid levels while maintaining the whole food goodness of natural salmon oil.
  • It’s derived by “molecular differentiation” –leading edge technology that selects specific nutrient molecules from tuna, sardines, and anchovies, while eliminating or reducing others, delivering unsurpassed potency, purity, and consistency.
  • It’s safe, with no risk of accumulated toxins. Only the finest, top quality, health-screened, disease-free fish selected for human consumption are used. All sources are screened for more than 160 potential contaminants with an allowable detection limit of ZERO.
  • Potency guaranteed to deliver 460 mg EPA, 480 mg DHA, 50 mg DPA, and 80 mg mixed omega-3 fatty acids with every 3-capsule serving.
  • No hidden vitamins A or D.

Suggested use: Take 3 capsules daily with meals.

Q. How can Salmon Oil Plus have more omega 3 fatty acids then the other omega 3 products and still be in a smaller capsule?

A. By using a unique and exclusive process known as “Molecular differentiation” we can concentrate on specific omega 3 fatty acids while eliminating unnecessary elements.

Q. If there are eight members in the omega -3 fatty acid family why didn’t GNLD have them in the Omega 3 Concentrate and Salmon Oil before now?

A. Though we have known for some time that there are 8 members, technology did not exist that allowed us to “standardize” all 8 and guarantee delivery with every batch until now.

Q. What is molecular differentiation?

A. Molecular differentiation is a technology used to select specific nutrient molecules from fish while eliminating or reducing the unwanted molecules.

Q. Why did Neolife use tuna in Salmon Oil Plus?

A. Specific types of fish have specific fatty acid profiles. Tuna is naturally higher in DHA and its DPA precursor, therefore tuna oil was chosen as the starting point to maximize those omega-3 fatty acid levels.

Q. Why are anchovies and sardines used in Salmon Oil Plus?

A. Anchovies and sardines are both naturally higher in EPA and its ETA precursor. Anchovies and sardines were chosen as the starting point to maximize those omega-3 fatty acid levels.

Q. Can Neolife use molecular differentiation for Omega 3 Concentrate and Salmon Oil to provide a higher level of potency in those two products?

A. No. Salmon Oil Plus reflects a level of technology not attainable using Salmon Oil or Omega 3 Concentrate.

Q. Why does Salmon Oil Plus contain more DHA then the other products?

A. Leading edge research has shown DHA and related omega-3 fatty acid members are more important to overall health than was previously thought.

Q. Is Salmon Oil Plus Patented?

A. No, however both the technology and the Salmon Oil Plus formula is exclusive of GNLD.

Q. Is Salmon Oil Plus more effective in relieving inflammation than the other omega 3 products?

A. Because of the concentrated and completeness of the Salmon Oil Plus it should provide greater overall benefits.

Q. How much of the fatty acids are from Salmon Oil?

A. Although the percentages of fatty acid sources are considered proprietary we can tell you the majority does come from salmon and that salmon oil is the single largest ingredient in the product.

Q. Will I experience the repeating with Salmon Oil Plus as I do with the current omega 3 products?

A. Because the Molecular differentiation process allows us to reduce unnecessary molecules involved in taste and odor most users notice less repeating.

Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.


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DISCLAMER: *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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