Health2Wealth is seeking partners whose mission align with ours to improve lives by creating healthy living awareness, offering the highest preventive healthcare services, promoting quality healthcare Products and best Business Opportunity in wealth creation.

Our philosophy and all our programs are founded on the belief that local partners are often the best resource for local solutions that support long-term country ownership.  We are proud of the relationships we have built with local government, non-governmental, civil society, and faith-based organizations.

Health2Wealth works with our local and regional partners in a variety of ways. Some local and regional organizations have unique talents and specialties that are best suited to the locality context, and we engage these partners for their expertise and understanding of the local challenges.  On other projects, we work with local and regional partners to enhance their capacity and build their technical skills to improve their ability to operate independently and support change long after Health2Wealth’s programs have ended.  Finally, Health2Wealth believes in sustainable solutions and will often transition our activities to local organizations at the end of a project in order to continue building on and increasing impact and improvements to local health systems.

We are always looking for new partners and to build collaborative relationships and want to hear more about the goals and capabilities of your organization.  For more information on partnering with Health2Wealth, please click the partnership title that apply to you below for details.

Health Care Brokers

As a Health2Wealth broker, you will be the first point of contact for those seeking to subscribe to one of our health awareness campaign in your organization. Whether your focus is on individuals, communities, families or corporations, we will have the right product for your client’s needs. Read more about Health Care Brokers.

Private Partnership

Health2Wealth is seeking private partners from individuals to promote healthy living and reduce the spread of communicable diseases in Nigeria. We will welcome the opportunity to work with you as a private partner. Read more about Private Partnership.

Government Partnership

Health2Wealth with other health partners, is seeking government partnership for the promotion of healthy living to prevent the spread of communicable disease. For more information on projects we campaign for and opportunities for collaboration, read more about Government Partnership.

International Partnership

Health2Wealth is seeking international partnership to promote healthy living and reduce the spread of communicable diseases in Nigeria. We are always looking for new partners and touild collaborative relationships and want to hear more about the goals and capabilities of your organization. Read more about International Partnership.

Medical Partnership

Become a partner in our network of care. Our network of physicians and providers offer primary and specialty care in their own offices for patients who qualify for the Uninsured program. Primary care physicians, nurses, specialists and mid-levels in all areas of medical expertise, medical laboratory service providers, hospitals in Nigeria may join the network.  Read more about Medical Partnership.

Service Partners

Agricultural & Extension Services, Industrial Cleaners, Fitness Centers,  Car Wash Services form the bulk of Health2Wealth service partners. Together with our service partners, we create high-quality healthy services with a strong focus on the client’s need.  Read more about service partners..