Health2Wealth recent Outbreaks and Emergengy Awareness Web page informs on current public health emergency topics including diseases, infections, and epidemics.

We work with health organizations and government agencies and parastatals to respond to crises and emergencies by ensuring effective, efficient and timely action to address public health priorities so that lives are saved and suffering is reduced; and to recover from crises.

Our Core functions

  • Support health organizations and States for the implementation of national capacities for epidemic awareness and response;
  • Support national and international training programmes for epidemic preparedness and response;
  • Coordinate and support health organizations and States for pandemic and seasonal influenza awareness and response;
  • Develop standardized approaches for readiness and response to major epidemic-prone diseases (e.g. meningitis, yellow fever, plague);
  • Strengthen biosecurity and readiness for outbreaks of dangerous and emerging pathogens outbreaks (e.g. SARS, viral haemorrhagic fevers)