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Nutritionists swear by the fact that this superfoods can surely help in fighting high blood pressure, bodily weakness, and to top it all cancer!

What exactly are Superfoods?
Well, they are not drugs to begin with, nor are they some power-packed juices or powders that are not-so-good for your health. And yes, you might be a little disappointed when you do not find your favourite microwaved meals in the superfoods section.

So what really are they? Superfoods are nutrient-rich food, which when consumed, lower the risk of chronic diseases, make you live longer and make you healthier and slimmer.

To bust all myths and misconceptions, here is a straight fact—superfoods are not artificial or processed. They are as real as it gets and are absolutely free from side effects.

Here are some of the best superfoods in the market:

  • CHLORELLA: The Chlorella is a close cousin to spirulina. It is a single-cell freshwater algae. It has the ability to reproduce eight times a day. This makes it a sustainable nutrient source.
  • GREEN TEA: This superfood has been the natural remedy for numerous major illnesses. This includes diabetes, high cholesterol, and cancer. Its best component among its line of antioxidants is the Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG). This component slows down irregular cell growth eventually, preventing the growth of cancer cells.
  • OATMEAL: This famous breakfast staple is filled with antioxidants, nutrients, and fiber. Oatmeal is a high source of magnesium, potassium, and phytonutrients. This superfood gives aid to our bodies against cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, and breast cancer. This can also boost the body’s immune response.
  • SALMON: Salmon helps the body fight against high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and cancer. This superfood contains Omega-3 fatty acids. This component—which cannot be produced by the body naturally—reduces inflammation and improve circulation. Salmon is rich in B vitamins and selenium that protect the body from cell damages.

Spirulina as the World’s Healthiest Superfood

Spirulina is a microscopic blue-green algae found generally underwater. This component, considered as the world’s most powerful superfood, has a higher protein concentration than meat, poultry, and fish combined. It is also known for having the most remarkable concentration of functional nutrients ever known in any food, plant, grain or herb.

Spirulina is for:

  • Children with inadequate vegetable intake
  • Teenagers who require extra nutrition during their rapid growing years
  • Pregnant women who need balanced nutrition
  • Elderly people who have limited dietary options yet require a wide spectrum of nutrients to maintain optimum health
  • Athletes, because it provides energy and improves stamina.
  • People with ailments or those who are recuperating from diseases who need proper nourishment for fast recovery (please consult your doctor).
  • Busy people who don’t have the time to eat balanced meals and rely heavily on “fast” and processed foods instead.
  • Vegetarians who must acquire protein from vegetables.

Royale Spirulina encapsulates all these nutrients essential to the body.

  • Vitamin B1: For improved brain function.
  • Vitamin B2: For energy production.
  • Vitamin B3: For lowering cholesterol.
  • Vitamin B6: For maintaining a normal nerve function.
  • Vitamin A: For healthier eyesight.
  • Vitamin E: For protection against toxins.
  • Vitamin K: For healthier bones.
  • Copper: For quick wound healing.
  • Iron: For producing haemoglobin and red blood cells.
  • Protein: For proper functioning and repair of organs.

Is there a particular amount in which this superfood should be consumed?
Dieticians and experts have claimed that even a modest addition of these super foods in our daily diet could take the health benefits to the next level. Within a few weeks, people could start seeing the results. They would feel more active and lively. You could even lose weight without even trying.

If you don’t eat enough vegetables and opt to consume processed foods instead, you might be in for a serious lack of balanced nutrition. Provide your body with the most complete, balanced and super nutritious food on Earth. Take Royale Spirulina now!

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