Health2Wealth partner with Royale Business Club International to promote healthy living products. Royale has been in business since 2006 and is still thriving! It’s a real business making thousands of people healthy and financially free!

How to save money with Royale

The first step is to get your own sub-distributor ID to buy product at 15% discount or distributor ID number for 30% discount from Royale with a once-off purchase of a Starter Package. That will entitle you to buy any Neolife product at distributor’s price, direct from Royale.

At Health2Wealth, we have formulated various Starter Kit options to suit different budget levels and product needs. However, if you need more flexibility, we can create a custom starter pack for you.

Health2Wealth Starter Kit Options for Royale 

Get yourself a Royale Membership/Distributor starter kit and you automatically become a member of Health2Wealth. Use the products yourself and distribute the products to friends, family and clients.

1. Royale Sub-distributorship

  • Product Brochure
  • Price List
  • 15% Discount on Products
  • Unique ID for product purchase

Price – ₦1,500

2. Royale Starter Package 

Royale Starter Package is best for starting entrepreneurs who are adding more sources of income to their baskets. Royale’s Starter Package is also the primary package for all our Preventive Healthcare Investment Plans, Workers Retirement Investment Plan and Sponsorship program. There are three options to choose from at the cost of ₦39,980.00

Click here to apply for Royale Starter Package

3. Royale Business Package

Royale Business Package is a fit for people who has a vast experience with negotiations and business. If you are one of us, you will not miss out Royale’s Business Package! There are three options to choose from with the same entry cost of 120,980.00

Click here to apply for Royale Business Package

4. Royale Elite Package

Royale Elite Package is for people who are looking for a business with great return potential. It is also ideal for our Direct Seller Sub-distributor program, Community Preventive Healthcare Investment, Partnership and Business Opportunity. Three are three options to choose from at the cost of ₦280,980.00

Click here to apply for Royale Elite Package

5. Healthy Home Starter Kit

Healthy Home Starter Kit is a comprehensive Royale and Golden Home products selection.  High quality, safe Homecare for a healthier environment and core Royale Nutritionals and beverages to ensure optimal wellness for you and your family.

  • Royale Membership Starter Kit – ₦39, 980 (30% off your purchase thereafter)
  • 1 Bottle of Spirulina
  • 1 Bottle of Prime
  • 1 Bottle of Riqall
  • 1 Bottle of Royale-C
  • 1 Box of Roasted Corn Powdered Drink Mix
  • 1 Box of Choco ALL 8
  • 1 Box of Royale Blend Coffee – Regular
  • 2 Boxes of Royale Blend Coffee – No Sugar Added
  • 1 Box of Richarge
  • 1 L’OPULENT Femme
  • 1 L’OPULENT Homme
  • Super 10 Fragranced 1 liter
  • LDC Concentrated 1 liter

Price – ₦52, 000

Click here to apply for Healthy Home Starter Kit

6. Weight Loss Wellness Kit

Weight Loss Wellness Kit program is based on the science of cellular nutrition and breakthrough scientific concepts that promote safe, sustainable and sensible weight loss. It will let you lose pounds without feeling hungry and the most important you will feel strong in this process. This program has several fat burning products to help you lose more weight.

  • Royale Membership Starter Kit – ₦39, 980 (30% off your purchase thereafter)
  • Diabetwatch – A dietary supplement that has the ability to eliminate the craving for sweets, sugar and candies.
  • Fiberich – A natural Fibre grain, not related to wheat, which yields 60 to 70 percent soluble fibre.
  • Grape Seed – Possesses remarkable anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic properties.
  • Spirulina – World healthiest super food with the most remarkable concentration of functional nutrients ever known in any food plant, grain or herb.
  • Sodium Ascorbate Royale-C – A non-acidic tummy-friendly Vitamin C capsules to help improve your immune system, strengthen your bones and keep your body healthy.
  • Riqall – A supplement that promotes brain function (memory and mental alertness).
  • Fitshape – A  combination of powerful, active ingredients that helps burn fats and manage weight loss the healthy way.
  • 1 L-Gluta Power Corrector Cream
  • 1 L-Gluta Power Lightening Cream
  • 1 Pinkish Glow Toner

Price – ₦48, 550

Click here to apply for Weight Loss Wellness Kit

How do I join Royale?

Joining Royale is easy – follow this three simple steps.

Joining From Nigeria

There are three easy steps to become a Direct Seller or Independent Distributor of Royale.

STEP 1: Attend a Royale Business Presentation (RBP)
STEP 2: Properly fill out an Independent Distributor Form
STEP 3: Purchase an Hybrid Product Package and enjoy the full potential of your business

You can choose a Starter Package of ₦39,980 worth for ₦47,795
You can choose a Business Package of ₦120,980 worth for ₦161,690
You can choose an Royale Elite Package of ₦360,525 worth for ₦280,980

Joining From Outside Nigeria

The cost of joining Royale vary from country to country, so also is the starter kits. To find out if you’re in one of the other countries where Royale does business, please go to our official Royale website Around The World and please use our Royale number when asked: Sponsor ID: NGS2861047. Sponsor name: Jetro Ayorinde Olowole. Country of Sponsor: Nigeria. Thanks.

Your application should be processed within 1 working day of receipt of your payment. Once you are a distributor, you can place orders directly with Royale at a discounted rate. A starter kit will be delivered to you based on your choosing kit deliverable. As soon as you register, let us know so hat we can help you to grow your business and give you access to our member section only area.

Enjoy your discount…

Using your own Royale ID number to buy direct from the manufacturer enables you to enjoy a big discount of 30% on items you’re paying full retail price for now, at other shops.

Things like health supplements, face creams, body and hand lotions, beverages, personal care.

These aren’t luxuries you’ve got to find extra money for after you join Royale. They’re necessities you’re buying every month now, so why not buy them at wholesale prices from your own shop?

Have a look at what we used to buy at full retail price, before we got our own Royale number that enabled us to buy every single item at wholesale price.

By the way, most people we know have a shopping list like this one. Bet you do, too!

Hair shampoo
Hair conditioner
Shower gel
Bubble bath
Bath soap
Hand soap
Shaving foam
Body lotion
Hand cream
Face creamsLaundryWashing powder
Stain remover
Oxygen bleach
Bath & basin cleaner
Toilet cleaner
Air freshener
Shower cleaner
Wall tile cleaner
Mirror polishKitchen
Dishwasher powder
Dishwashing liquid
Work-top cleaner
Appliance cleaner
Floor cleaner
Sink cleaner
Floor tile sealant
Carpet shampoo
Spot remover
Upholstery cleaner
Window cleaner
Jewellery cleaner Disease prevention
Vitamins & Minerals
Omega 3 fatty acids
Protein shake
Weight control

Benefits of becoming a Royale Distributor

  • You can order Royale products at discounted prices (approx 30% off the standard price).
  • You can earn revenue by building your own Royale based business.
  • Low risk, Only N39,980 to become a distributor and have your own Royale business!
  • The products are so effective they sell themselves! People will come back to you to get more and recommend the products to their friends and family members.
  • No minimum orders. No monthly quotas. No purchase requirements.
  • No inventories, Neolife will drop ship directly to your costumers.
  • Earn Car bonuses and Free trips to different destinations.
  • One of the best Compensation plan available in the business.
  • Make up to 30% profit off each product.
  • Get a bonus check every week/month based on the amount of products sold
  • Great Support team, connections and relationships
  • Financial security, peace of mind and much more!

Do I have to start a business?

No, you don’t, but you might like to consider it as a way to earn some extra income. If and when you’re ready, we would like to help you get going.
If you simply want to use the products to better your health and lifestyle that’s a great thing to be doing!
There’s no need to read any further on this page unless you want information on Royale’s business opportunities.

How does a Royale business work?

  • Use the products and see for yourself the difference that they make.
  • Tell others about the products. Supply them and earn commission on your sales.
  • Encourage others to join your business team. Royale is a multilevel marketing company. That means that you can earn commission from the sales of those you introduce to the business.

How can Health2Wealth help?

We would like to help you advance your business by:

  • Passing on customer referrals to you. From time to time we get requests asking for distributors in particular areas. If you are somebody with a high service ethic, we would like to pass referrals on to you. Remember that because Royale is a multilevel marketing company, we gain when you gain. It’s in our interest to grow your business.
  • Giving you space on our website, so that you can use our site to gain exposure. This is a new phase of our business plan, so you could be one of the first to partner with us in your area. You will be featured in our distributor listings page. Please note that to ensure good customer service we will only list distributors who have been through the process of placing an order with Royale.
  • Providing you with information on upcoming quality Royale events and training functions.
  • Pass on downline referral to you or your downline from our quota if you reach certain milestone achievement.

Where are you looking for partners and distributors?

We are looking for partners throughout Nigeria. If a distributor is listed in your area, you can still be listed there. At most a distributor can be listed in two different places.

To find out more about the advantages of becoming a Royale distributor and partnering with us please contact us by email at: Please include a phone number (mobile if possible) where we can contact you if necessary.