March 1, 2017 Student Direct Sales Internship

Student Direct Sales Internship

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Date(s) - 01/03/2017 - 29/04/2017
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Royale Mansion


The Student Direct Sales Internship (SDSI) is a business internship opportunity for full-time and part-time students to learn and earn at the same time, combining Digital Marketing (Internet), Network marketing (Direct sales) and Royale Business Club International membership (Opportunity) to create a life of abundance and prosperity.

It is a 2 months internship program design to make applicants internet network marketing entrepreneurs. The program is schedule to start by March 1st 2017.

The Student Direct Sales Internship is organized by Direct Sales Coaching of Jetro Olowole in partnership with Health2Wealth and WebClick Online Marketing Agency.

The internship program is an online based coaching program. We use ahost of tools to teach in the program including Facebook group, WhatsApp group, Email, Presentations, Video, Documents, Infographs, SMS, Images, Phone Calls, Live Video and Workshop (where applicable).

Applicants are given specific goals and target. Meeting each target or goal will unlock other opportunity that will ensure you earn more from the program while learning.

Those who complete the program may also qualify for our Distributor Sponsorship program and have the privilege of being sponsored as a Royale Business Club as a Distributor.

1. Royale Business Presentation
2. Social Media Marketing for Direct Sales
3. Email Marketing for Direct Sales
4. PPC Management for Direct Sales
5. Blogging for Direct Sales
6. E-commerce for Direct Sales
7. Online Recruitment for Direct Sales
8. Content Marketing for Direct Sales
9. Basic Graphic Design for Direct Sales
1. Learn and earn using social media marketing to promote products and business opportunity
2. Learn and earn using email marketing to promote products and for recruitment
3. Learn to use Facebook Ad to promote products and business opportunity
4. Learn professional blogging for promoting products and business opportunity
5. Learn to setup e-commerce on Facebook and Website to promote direct sales products
6. Learn how to combine online tools to easily recruit people into a network marketing organization
7. Learn and earn how to create and promote content for direct sales products
8. Learn how Royale Business Club can create a life of abundance and prosperity for you
There are three basic requirements for joining the internship program.
1. Like our Facebook page Direct Sales Coaching
2. Select and entry level into our internship program between Freelancers, Direct Seller and Distributor. Check the booking section below for details.
3. Attend a Royale Business Presentation in our office if you stay in Lagos or can visit Lagos. Alternatively, watch a Royale Business Presentation video if you can’t visit Lagos. Please indicate in the comment box of the booking section if you will be able to attend the Internship induction program in our office in Lagos.
There are three entry levels into our internship program. As an applicant, you must choose one of the entry levels indicated in the booking section below and follow the requirement to be inducted into our program.
1. All applicants should have an active Gmail and Facebook account.
2. All applicants must have a Smartphone or Tablet or a PC.
3. All applicants must ensure they have data to follow internship assignment.
4. All applicants must complete all task(s) before moving to the next class module to unlock other opportunity that will ensure you earn more from the program while learning. Failure to complete given task(s) at the deadline may result in withdrawal from the program.
5. All applicants must try and follow on their schedule group chat and assignment or notify us early for any inconvenience.
6. All applicants must join all suggested online tools to facilitate learning on this program.
7. All applicants must be willing to be affiliated with Royale Business Club Internship – our preferred Direct Sales company.


Bookings are closed for this event.

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