June 19, 2016 GNLD-LDC-labels

GNLD LDC – economical, biodegradable, multi-purpose cleaner

GNLD LDC is a very effective, economical, biodegradable cleaner with many uses around the home and office. Free rinsing… The special system of three surfactants enables LDC to loosen dirt and fats, and hold them in suspension in the water. Then when you throw the water away, the suspended dirts and fats go down the […]

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June 19, 2016 GNLD-Super-10-labels

GNLD Super 10 multi-purpose cleaner

GNLD Super 10 advantages GNLD Super 10 multi-purpose cleaner effectively tackles a variety of cleaning jobs without harming you, your family, or the environment. GNLD Super 10 does not need any of the frightening warnings on the label often seen on many other cleaning products, like “corrosive”, “caustic”, “avoid inhalation”, “avoid eye contact”, “if ingested […]

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