Health2Wealth is seeking healthcare brokers from individuals to promote healthy living and reduce the spread of communicable diseases in Nigeria.

Are you looking for additional income? Do you enjoy a flexible work schedule? Are you passionate about empowering Nigerians to live healthier, fuller lives? If so, then join our agent program today! Not only will you gain financial rewards, but you will be at the forefront of raising awareness and affecting change within the healthcare industry in Nigeria.

As a Health2Wealth broker, you will be the first point of contact for those seeking to subscribe to one of our health awareness campaign in your organization. Whether your focus is on individuals, communities, families or corporations, we will have the right product for your client’s needs.

  • Brokers are individuals who do not want to join us as a distributor but have connections to broke a deal for us. This includes workers or security in a company, members of an association, community members, coordinators of health related events, etc
  • Brokers get 50% of proceedings from any successful health campaign they refer to us.
  • Brokers are not usually involved in the activities of Health2Wealth except when otherwise permitted.
  • Brokers are only entitled to a one-time remuneration base on their performance. There is no monthly income or incentives.
  • Brokers can use their commission to pay for partnership form with Health2Wealth.

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